The Basic Cleanse

Why You Need The Basic Cleanse

Most diseases begin with constipation. The accumulation of fecal matter in the colon creates an ideal environment for unfriendly bacteria and parasites. The more congested the intestines are, the more the bacteria and parasites thrive. Unfriendly bacteria can cause a wide variety of diseases, such as candida, to manifest inside you.

The same is true of parasites. Parasites, however are living organisms that eat, live, and defecate inside you. Their waste is toxic to the human body. Additionally, some parasites literally eat human tissue and can travel to other parts of the body potentially even causing death. Once bacteria and parasites have taken over the intestinal system they can cause a chain reaction initiating a wide array of diseases from allergies to cancer.

This is the main reason a basic cleanse is absolutely necessary to begin the healing process. In 95% of the cases we’ve seen, the basic cleanse has been the very first group of herbs recommended. This cleanse was designed by professional practitioners of natural, alternative, holistic, and herbal medicine over the course of almost a decade. As higher quality products were available the cleanse was perfected to create a group of herbs with the potential to overhaul all of the systems of the body from day one.

Why You Should Use This Cleanse
The basic cleanse is comprised of 6 products, each different from one another and equally essential for a complete health overhaul. The reason 6 different products are used is because as practitioners of natural medicine, we think the body should be treated as a whole because it functions as a whole. Not one system in the body works independently from the others, for this reason, each system must be represented in the basic cleanse.

Before we go on, we should state that two of the products in the basic cleanse are herbal blends specific to the brand Nature’s Sunshine. The other products that are single herbs are also obtained from Nature’s Sunshine and anytime we recommend this cleanse we always specify that Nature’s Sunshine Products should be used for optimal results. Of course, each person can choose to use another brand of their choice for any of these herbs.

Why We Work Exclusively With NSP
We have personally worked with Nature’s Sunshine Products for over 25 years and find them to be the highest quality products available with the most rigorous testing in quality control and efficacy. Additionally, NSP as a company is very transparent as to where herbs are sourced and the types of tests performed on each one to ensure quality. Anything less than the best, is sent back to the vendor which is then typically sold to other herbal companies.

What Makes up The Basic Cleanse?
These six products make up the basic cleanse:

Commonly referred to as fiber, psyllium is just that. Fiber is essential when cleansing, especially when trying to eliminate fecal matter from the colon. This product contains soluble fiber to encourage normal bowel movements. Additionally, fiber helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Cascara Sagrada
Cascara sagrada means sacred bark; it has been used by many cultures as an herbal laxative for centuries. It promotes waste elimination and works well with psyllium to support the detoxification of the intestinal system. It helps cleanse toxins from the colon and provides intestinal support.

Black Walnut
Black walnut is a single herb with multiple uses. It’s primarily used for eliminating parasites but it also supports the intestinal system and it helps the immune system in its battle against foreign invaders. Black walnut is also beneficial to the skin and soothes irritated tissue.

All Cell Detox
This proprietary blend, specific to NSP, cleanses the colon, liver and kidneys. Keeping the liver and kidneys free of toxins is extremely important because they are filtrations systems. The liver helps with filtration of the blood and the production of enzymes. Additionally, it also stores nutrients. The kidneys filter all the liquid entering the body and help maintain blood pressure. All Cell Detox also supports the digestive system with the absorption of nutrients and aids digestion. This herbal blend also supports the intestinal system.

Liver Cleanse Formula
This herbal blend is also specific to NSP. Liver Cleanse Formula provides nutritional support to the liver and gallbladder. It also aids the liver and promotes cleansing and detoxification. Additionally, this blend also supports: the stomach, the intestinal system, digestive functions, and the hepatic system.

This amazing nutrient cleanses the blood at a cellular level. It promotes natural blood-cleansing functions, strengthens cells, oxygenates cells, supports: the intestinal system, the immune system, the lymphatic system, the circulatory system, and deodorized the body from the inside out. NSP’s chlorophyll contains spearmint for a clean, refreshing taste.