Natural Remedies for Psoriasis

There are many types of psoriasis. The most common type is plaque psoriasis. Plaque psoriasis causes thick, patchy, red spots with white scales to form. These patches are typically formed on the scalp, elbows, knees and the lower back. Psoriasis is not contagious and is currently understood to be caused by a disorder of the immune system.

What causes this concentrated build up of skin cells? While the exact cause of psoriasis is still unknown to doctors, there is belief that genes, the immune system and factors of the environment play central roles. There are many natural remedies for psoriasis that help soothe and prevent flare-ups. Everything from regular baths to soothing moisturizers and lotions can help calm skin affected by psoriasis.

In every patient with psoriasis that we’ve helped, we’ve noticed that by giving the immune system a boost and keeping the colon clear we can help remedy psoriasis. We understand psoriasis to be a disorder in which the skin tries to regenerate itself in an exaggerated manner in order to compensate for the detoxing load other organs can not carry out.

Your skin is the largest detoxing organ you have. It completely regenerates itself every 28-30 days. Among its many functions it helps your immune system by keeping out bacteria and other foreign invaders. It also helps you detox of toxic substances and excess water and salts. It seems to us that when the lymphatic, intestinal, urinary or circulatory systems are backed up with waste the skin tries to take on a big part of that load. The skin then over-compensates by making excess skin cells to take on the overload of detoxing. By making sure that all the body’s systems are working in harmony to eliminate waste and keep up our defenses we can help remedy psoriasis naturally.

There are a great number of superbly effective natural products that can help with psoriasis. Among the most commonly used are:  Pau D’ Arco (also known as taheebo), Una de Gato, Thai-go, Noni, Bowel Detox and Aloe Vera Juice. Pau d’ arco helps boost the immune system. This powerful herb has been the subject of many anti-cancer studies and is highly recommended for those looking to help remedy disease even as serious as cancer. Pau d’ arco stops infected cells from multiplying and gives a boost to the immune system. Pau d’ arco is recommended to be used in tea form. Make the pau d’ arco into  a tea then let it cool and drink in place of water. Do not add sweetener to this tea. Once the tea has cooled you can also rinse affected areas with it to soothe and calm the skin. Add the pau d’ arco bark into a hot bath and let it steep for about 10 minutes. Skim the surface of your bathwater to remove the pau d’ arco bark before getting in. These baths are a great way to relieve psoriasis and help the skin in the healing process. For best results use pau d’ arco as drinking water for at least 6 months.

Nature’s Sunshine’s Una de Gato is made up of a trio of herbs that work together to support the immune system, cleanse the digestive tract and support joint health. Our Una De Gato comes from the rainforest of South America. Research suggests that properties in the vine of this plant promote the function of white blood cells and macrophages (both part of the immune system). This synergistic blend supports the production of stem cells in bone marrow and lymph tissue and encourages their development into active immune cells. This product also enhances the body’s own defenses and helps in the fight to maintain proper health. Psoriasis is currently believed to be caused by an immune system disorder in which environmental factors play a role. Una de Gato can help restore the immune system and fight against environmental toxins and pollutants than invade the body.

Thai-Go is packed with antioxidants that benefit every organ by combating free radicals. Free radicals damage healthy cells and cause low energy levels, lack of mental clarity, faster aging and improper functioning of the immune system. Thai-Go also has a high volume of bioflavonoids which are important to the immune system. Bioflavonoids also help the cardiovascular system by boosting the absorption of vitamin C and helping maintain collagen and capillary walls. Thai-go is also great for boosting energy. Just one ounce of thai-go will keep you energized for hours!

Noni is a special blend containing phytonutrients and antioxidants. Phytonutrients nourish the cells, organs and tissues of the body. They also help in the fight against free radicals. Nature’s Sunshine Noni is especially beneficial to individuals suffering from psoriasis because it not only nourishes the skin, it also nourishes joints, hair, and nails. Many people suffering from psoriasis also suffer from psoriasis of the nails which causes yellowish-red nails. The nails also crumble, become brittle or pitted and develop grooved lines. Noni helps restore the nails and apart from being ingested can even be applied topically.

All of the products can help promote healthy digestion and a healthy intestinal system. To further aid the intestinal system we recommend  Bowel Detox. Bowel detox promotes proper bowel movements naturally. The name really says its all, it detoxes the bowel. Proper bowel movements are very important in general but especially for those individuals with psoriasis. To boost the immune system you must first rid your colon of excess waste, toxins and parasites. Excess waste in the colon, toxins and parasites lower the immune system.

Normal bowel movements consist of 3 bowel movements a day, one for each meal, and should be approximate in size to your meals. The stool should also be at least an inch wide and of a good consistency. Stool that is too hard or too soft doesn’t not indicate healthy bowel movements. Straining to go to the bathroom or having diarrhea is also not healthy. If any of these things we’ve just described apply to you then you should consider taking more fiber like Psyllium Hulls or using Bowel Detox.

There are a variety of great products to soothe the skin topically and provide temporary relief. Among all the psoriasis home remedies available, you’ll find that aloe vera is a very popular one. We in the alternative medicine field recommend using aloe vera gel first and foremost. This unique plant is like no other found in nature. It has amazing properties that allow it to heal wounds, keep infections at bay and regenerate skin. Aloe vera can be found most anywhere from your local grocery store to your corner drug store. It comes in a variety of forms including raw (from the produce section) and gel or cream form (drug stores).

When It comes to choosing an aloe vera product it’s important to remember the value of quality. Look for a product that is pure aloe vera gel. The gel should be of a liquid consistency and less like that of a gel. Beware of products that are over-processed, contain fillers or fragrances. Many aloe products available today are made up of mostly fillers and only contain about 15% aloe vera gel. We recommend using Nature’s Sunshine Aloe Vera Gel for best results. As with all Nature’s Sunshine products, this aloe vera gel is pure aloe vera gel of the highest quality. Use it on psoriasis patches, skin sores, sun burn, cuts, scrapes and open wounds.

We also recommend taking Nature’s Sunshine Aloe Vera Juice internally to help remedy psoriasis. Aloe vera juice helps from the inside out by clearing the body of toxins, nourishing the lining of the small intestine for better nutrient absorption. This product also supports the intestinal system, soothes internal tissues and contains vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients. Aloe vera juice can also be applied topically just like aloe vera gel.

When trying to remedy psoriasis it is recommended that a combination of: at  least one immune system boosting agent, such as noni, thai-go, aloe vera juice, una de gato or pau d’ arco, one bowel cleansing agent, such as bowel detox and one skin soothing and repairing agent, such as aloe vera, pau d’ arco or noni be used. For best results use these products for a minimum of 6 months.

Disclaimer: Our services and information do not diagnose or prescribe for disease conditions. Individuals are encouraged to seek competent medical help when those services may be indicated. Individuals accept total responsibility for their own health care and maintenance.

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