Natural Remedies for Diabetes

Diabetes is recognized as a group of metabolic diseases in which the body can not produce sufficient amounts of or respond to insulin.

There are three main forms of diabetes. Type 1 is known as high blood sugar due to the underproduction of insulin. Type 2 is diagnosed when cells do not respond correctly to the insulin that the body produces. The third main form is gestational diabetes. This type of diabetes affects pregnant women that do not have a previous diagnosis of diabetes.

The body’s ability to produce and correctly use insulin depends on the function of the pancreas. Poor diet is one of the main causes of diabetes. Anything that causes a weakened and toxic pancreas may lead to diabetes. Over the years we’ve helped many clients that have been diagnosed with diabetes. The main products we use are Pro-Pancreas, Chromium, and Golden Seal. These products are part of a natural remedy for diabetes. Also, keeping a healthy diet and regular exercise is essential to naturally remedying diabetes.

Pro-Pancreas works to strengthen and nourish the pancreas so it will perform at its optimal level. The ingredients in this product work to cleanse the pancreas so that it can properly produce the normal levels of insulin needed to metabolize glucose. If the body can not use glucose it stays in the blood and urine; this can lead to frequent urination which is the body’s alternative form of flushing out high blood sugar. Pro-pancreas can also help normalize urination by helping the pancreas. This product can also help clear all other symptoms associated with diabetes.

Pharmaceutical drugs used to treat diabetes impede the kidneys from functioning properly and cause an excess of acidity to form in the body. Dialysis is another form of treatment for diabetes with serious side effects. Dialysis works by “washing the blood”. This process is used to replace the function of your kidneys. Dialysis treatment eliminates waste and excess water from the blood but also sweeps out many needed minerals from the body.

Using products that help rebuild, strengthen and nourish the kidneys is the key to a natural cure for diabetes. The human body is an amazing, complex and brilliant organism. In times of disease it simply needs to be cleansed and then nourished. This can be done in a non-invasive, natural way that will produce no negative side effects.

For those individuals with insulin resistance, we recommend Noni. Noni works as a powerful antioxidant to to help rid the cells of toxins so that they may be free to absorb and respond to insulin that the pancreas is producing. Noni also helps the pancreas as well as all other organs to detox. We’ve had spectacular results using this product to help remedy wide variety of ailments.

Insulin resistance means the cells in the body are resisting the insulin produced by the pancreas. Think of a cell as a lock covered in rust. Chromium is the key that opens the lock but the key won’t work if the lock is too rusted. Noni removes all the rust from the lock, Pro-Pancreas keeps the lock clean and Chromium is the key that opens the lock so that glucose may enter. Chromium helps maintain blood glucose levels in the normal range. It also helps the cells communicate.

To lower blood glucose levels in the high range we recommend taking Golden Seal. This product can quickly lower blood glucose levels even when they are dangerously high. All of these products are available in capsule and tablet form for easy consumption. Best of all they are a natural remedy for diabetes.

The products we’ve just covered: Pro-Pancreas, Chromium, Noni and Golden seal are also recommended for gestational diabetes. We’ve found that when gestational diabetes occurs it is most commonly due to the uterus expanding and pushing the surrounding organs. This may prevent the surrounding organs from working properly. In the case of gestational diabetes it is also important to ensure that the colon is working properly and that the individual is having regular bowel movements. Too much waste in the colon adds to the pressure on other organs and may prevent them from functioning at an optimal level. After pregnancy this form of diabetes typically goes away.

An excellent natural remedy for irregular bowel movements is Bowel Detox. This product is safe and gentle enough for pregnant women and equally powerful for any other individual to use in times of inconsistent bowel movements. It’s extremely important to maintain regular bowel movements so that the colon can be clean and the intestinal flora located here can digest carbohydrates that the pancreas cannot.

Common Symptoms
The most common symptoms associated with diabetes are increased thirst, increased urination and increased appetite. Other symptoms include degeneration in the lens of the eye and skin rashes that range from mild to severe. High blood glucose levels can cause glucose absorption in the lens of the eye. This can result in vision changes and changes in the shape of the lens itself. Many clients have reported a feeling of lint or graininess in their eyes. The herbal combination EW helps cleanse the eyes and rid the lens of that excess glucose accumulation.

Disclaimer: Our services and information do not diagnose or prescribe for disease conditions. Individuals are encouraged to seek competent medical help when those services may be indicated. Individuals accept total responsibility for their own health care and maintenance.

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