How to Combat Over 650 Pathogens at Once

Silver Shield is a colloidal silver made by Nature’s Sunshine Products. This product is unlike any other silver you’ve heard of before, and for this reason it is patented. Silver Shield is a powerful aid in the fight against bacteria, fungus, viruses and any other pathogen.

Silver’s antimicrobial properties have been used for centuries. In recent years silver entered the spotlight when it was misused and turned the skin of one individual in particular blue. For this reason, like with any other substance we ingest, we must do a little more research.

There are many silver products available in the market today. Silver solutions are made by subjecting silver to tremendous amounts of energy; this allows it to dissolve into water. There are various electrical devices commonly available to perform this process at home. The big problem with this is that these devices produce silver water that is approximately 300 parts per million. Such high concentrations of silver developed in uncontrolled environments cause side effects, such as turning the skin blue, and can potentially be toxic to the body.

Nature’s Sunshine Silver Shield is 18ppm (parts per million). This patented formula fights against bacteria, fungi, viruses and all other pathogens in a safer and more effective way than any other antibiotic. You could consume three times the normal dose (one teaspoon three times a day) of this silver every day for 70 years and it would still NOT be toxic or cause heavy metal contamination. That’s because 95% of it is excreted from the body within 24 hours. This silver is safe for children, adults and your pets.

How does it work?

Silver Shield with Aqua Sol Technology is a formula of silver particles suspended in deionized water. While Silver Shield is a colloidal silver, it does not technically function as one; it does not function as one because it is made with Aqua Sol Technology. This technology is specific to Nature’s Sunshine. Unlike ionic or colloidal silver which have protein cores, Silver Shield has a pure elemental silver core. Other silver solutions do not have this technology so while their silver may kill pathogens, it must be in contact with the pathogen to do so, and once they have killed the pathogen the silver itself is useless. The major difference between this patented solution (U.S. Patent No. 7,135,195) and others is that this silver will kill pathogens, recharge itself and then continue killing until it exits the body.

Because of it’s unique resonance of 910 terahertz Silver Shield doesn’t even need to be in direct contact with a pathogen to destroy it. This unique resonance disrupts and eliminates viruses, bacteria and yeast. Silver Shield ions also help the body rid itself of toxins and foreign invaders through oxidation. Silver Shield does this by promoting the formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS).

Because of it’s magnetic capability Silver Shield ions pull, bind and incapacitate charged DNA particles of viruses. Silver Shield binds the virus’ genetic material so tightly that it becomes a chaotic scramble of incomplete genetic material; this prevents the virus from replicating itself.

Silver Shield ruptures harmful bacteria by ripping an electron from inside the thin-wall cell membrane of harmful bacteria. Once this is done, the bacteria can not function and therefore die. Normal cells have a thicker cell membrane containing a balanced charge and are therefore protected. Silver shield works in all these ways at the same time!

Silver Shield is non-toxic because it is made of 100% silver and it passes through the body unchanged. This means that it does not create any dangerous metabolites which make it ideal for internal and external use. Pharmaceutical antibiotics weaken the immune function and deplete friendly intestinal flora leading to an overgrowth of yeast and other pathogens. Tests on Silver Shield have demonstrated that it does not produce these same side effects.

Which disease does Silver Shield eliminate?
Silver Shield has been proven to kill everything from pink eye to MRSA.

Use it against:
Athlete’s foot
Bird flu
Bubonic plague
Cold sores
Diaper rash
Ear infection
Gum disease
Halitosis (bad breath)
Ring Worm (tinia)
SARS (viral respiratory illness)
Sinus infection
Sore throat
Staff infections
UTI (urinary tract infection)

Silver Shield vs Antibiotics

Silver kills over 650 disease-causing organisms. Best of all these disease-causing organisms can’t develop resistant strains against silver. That is because silver doesn’t attack microbes directly like an antibiotic. Instead silver decomposes the enzyme that microorganisms rely on to breathe. This way the microorganism can’t counterattack or mutate.

Antibiotics attack bacteria directly. Bacteria are very good at adapting (this is why you see numerous types of pharmaceutical drugs created every year). Pharmaceutical companies are constantly trying to come up with stronger, more specific antibiotics in order to keep up with bacteria mutating and overcoming antibiotics. This would be okay if these pharmaceutical drugs didn’t harm the body but the fact is that they do. There are some serious, even fatal side effects to some antibiotics.

Some antibiotics may not be fatal to you but they take an enormous toll on your organs. In general, antibiotics deplete intestinal flora, which is essential to the immune system and in keeping bad bacteria at bay. They also suppress the immune system, cause kidney failure and liver damage. It’s hard enough to recover from these side effects but with the stress of everyday life, poor eating habits and little to no exercise, recovery is nearly unattainable. If the original bacteria, virus or fungus doesn’t kill you the side effects of antibiotics overtime certainly may.

Antibiotics can’t differentiate between beneficial bacteria and bad bacteria. For this reason the immune system, which rely on the help of friendly bacteria to keep bad bacteria at bay, may become weak and susceptible to other diseases after a round of antibiotics. Silver does differentiate between bacteria and only kills bad bacteria. Also, unlike antibiotics, silver can kill fungi and viruses and does not interfere with other medicines. Finally, Silver Shield kills 80% of pathogens in the first 15 seconds! It KILLS PATHOGENS COMPLETELY IN 6 MINUTES.

How to Use It

Recommended dosage for Silver Shield is one teaspoon three times a day. For ear infections use one drop in BOTH ears for children up to 12 years old. For adults, use 3 drops in each ear. Use silver shield for ear infections 3 times a day for maximum results. Let the silver sit in the ear for at least 2 minutes before turning over or standing.

For sinus infections use silver shield in a nose spray bottle and spray up the nostrils once, twice a day. For children use one spray, once a day. For infections of the eye use one drop of silver shield in each eye three times a day. For children use one drop in each eye once a day, twice if needed. In cases of pink eye, soak two cotton balls with silver shield and place in one over each eye, do this twice a day and leave on for a minimum of 20 minutes.

For infections of the skin, wounds or burns, spray silver shield on the affected area, enough to douse the area, twice a day. Silver shield gel can also be used in these cases. The gel form is more convenient in some cases because of its gelatinous texture; it adheres better to the skin. Both the spray and gel can be used to treat wrinkles. Apply the liquid or gel to clean skin and let dry, use up to three times a day.

For sore throat, throat infection, dry cough, colds, or flu, take as directed. The more serious the problem, the more silver shield you’ll need. There is no harm in taking more than recommended, so do not worry about overdosing. For less serious health problems, small quantities are recommended because that’s all that’s really needed and you can be more economical that way.

Do not take with food. Salt neutralizes 15%-20% of silver.

NSP’s Silver Shield Fights Malaria in Ghana


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