Ear Infection Remedies

Ear infections are a normal part of life. Everyone will experience an earache (with varying degrees of pain) at some point in their life. Ear infections can be bacterial or viral and are typically treated with medication only if they persist over a two week period or in special cases such as when there is chronic pain or other severe symptoms.

Symptoms in children include: ear pain, difficulty sleeping, tugging at ear, crying more than usual, loss of balance, hearing difficulty or difficulty responding to sounds, headache, fever of 100 F or more, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea. Symptoms in adults include: ear pain, drainage of fluid form the ear, diminished hearing, sore throat, tooth pain.

The use of over-the-counter medicines like Tylenol or Advil may be recommended by your doctor to treat pain associated with ear infections. These over-the-counter medications can have serious side effects. Your doctor may even recommend aspirin for pain relief. But children or teenagers recovering from chickenpox or flu-like symptoms can not take aspirin. All pain medication for ear infections such as Percocet, Benzocaine and Aspirin can potentially be deadly. Why take such a risk to treat an ear infection?

There are many natural alternatives to pain relief medication. And most of them help remedy the problem and can even help boost the immune system to help prevent future infections. All of this without negative side effects, what’s to think about?

The first ear infection home remedy that comes to mind is a combination of hydrogen peroxide and onion juice. Take a syringe and fill it with hydrogen peroxide. Lay on your side with the infected ear facing up. Insert the syringe into the ear but not too deep into the ear canal, stay away from the ear drum. Quickly push on the plunger of the syringe to let out the hydrogen peroxide. This creates a flushing effect that will help draw out infection and small obstructions in the ear.

Be prepared for the “fizzing” effect that the hydrogen peroxide causes when inside the ear. After using the hydrogen peroxide, place two drops of onion juice into the ear using a dropper. To make the onion juice: take 1/4 of a small red onion and 3/4 cup of water and blend until you it takes on a smoothie consistency. Take a fine mesh strainer and strain the blended onion; make sure to only use the juice, no onion pieces. Use this remedy in both ears. In most cases the infection can travel to the other ear so it’s best to treat both ears even though they’re are only symptoms in one. Continue to use the onion juice drops in both ears for a full week to ensure the infection clears up completely. If there are symptoms of a sore throat along with the earache then mix a little bit of onion juice with a dash of honey and drink it. This will help kill the infection if it has traveled down the Eustachian tube to the trachea.

Another effective home remedy for ear infections includes garlic and olive oil. This remedy is quite common for a good reason- it’s effective! Crush a couple of fresh garlic cloves and soak them in warm olive oil for 30-40 minutes. Using a dropper take a small amount of the oil and place 2 drops in the affected ear. Make sure to check the oil’s temperature before pouring into the ear. If it’s too hot let it cool for a minute or so then check it again. Do not pour hot oil into the ear. Use these drops in both ears for a full week to help remedy ear infections.

Garlic has long been used to fight infection because it is high in antioxidants and is antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial. It’s always best to take a garlic supplement on a regular basis to prevent infections. To learn more about garlic’s many effective qualities click here.

The garlic oil and onion juice remedies are among our favorites because we know they work. We have personally tested these remedies for years and they work every time. We also like to help our immune and lymphatic systems in times of poor health with this next remedy.

Silver Shield is a revolutionary product that Nature’s Sunshine has formulated and patented. Silver Shield comes in two forms: liquid and gel. The liquid form works spectacularly to help quickly remedy an ear infection naturally. You can also use the liquid form of Silver Shield for any other infection and it can be used as a general antibiotic without any negative side effects. Silver Shield boosts your immune system and its functions more effectively that any other product we know without any negative side effects.

For ear infections use two drops of Silver Shield in each ear. Use this remedy on a daily basis for a full week to ensure the infection clears up completely. If there are symptoms of an achy throat take one ounce of silver shield a day for 2 days or until the ache no longer persists. If there are also symptoms of sinus discomfort such as pain when pressure is applied to the area or headaches, pour s few ounces of silver shield in an aerosol nose spray bottle and spray up the nostrils. This will kill infection and cleanse the sinus’. Use the nose spray bottle method for at least 2 weeks for best results.

Silver Shield even works for tooth infections, relieving pain in a matter of seconds in some cases. The gel can be applied topically to kill infections. You can also apply the gel to the gums to help remedy gum disease. Silver Shield gel can even be used in place of toothpaste to effective clean teeth and kill bacteria in the gums. Don’t worry, this silver won’t turn you blue. Silver Shield with aqua sol technology is safe for ingestion. Click here to learn more about Silver Shield.

Disclaimer: Our services and information do not diagnose or prescribe for disease conditions. Individuals are encouraged to seek competent medical help when those services may be indicated. Individuals accept total responsibility for their own health care and maintenance.

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