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Sugar companies that use bone char filters

Bone char refers to bones that have been charred until black. The bones are turned into filters for processing sugar. Bone char filters have a decolourization ability that give sugar it’s “bone” white color when filtered through them. Sugar processed …

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Sugar companies that do not use bone char filters

Sugar processed through cow or horse bones includes white sugar, confectioners sugar, packed brown sugar, and some fructose. The bones used come from cattle in countries like Argentina, India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The bones are sold to a second party …

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The Basic Cleanse

Why You Need The Basic Cleanse

Most diseases begin with constipation. The accumulation of fecal matter in the colon creates an ideal environment for unfriendly bacteria and parasites. The more congested the intestines are, the more the bacteria and parasites …

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How to Combat Over 650 Pathogens at Once

Silver Shield is a colloidal silver made by Nature’s Sunshine Products. This product is unlike any other silver you’ve heard of before, and for this reason it is patented. Silver Shield is a powerful aid in the fight against bacteria, …

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